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Why I'm Running

I’m running for Assembly because working families need a champion who can make sure that all Californians have what we need to thrive. 

As a nurse, working mother, and community leader who was once a single mom on the brink of being unhoused, I know firsthand that our community does not have the representation it deserves in Sacramento. To me, representation means more than just skin color, gender or sexual identity. It means bringing my community and my values with me to Sacramento. I’m running for Assembly, because working families need a champion who can make sure that all Californians have what we need to thrive. 
We are facing so many crises - housing, homelessness, healthcare, economic stability, climate change, education and more. The pandemic didn’t cause all of these issues - but it shined a bright light on the challenges our community has been faced with for decades. Today we must have  a champion and a leader who will always put our needs and priorities first, not someone who makes corporations and special interests the priority; our community can’t wait any longer. 
Given my broad range of experience, I bring a unique understanding about how the policies made in Sacramento are implemented and actually impact our communities. I will fight to ensure that wealthy special interests pay their fair share and redistribute those funds into housing, healthcare, and education so all Californians can have what we need to thrive. 
I’m willing to stand up to these special interest groups and lead the fight for big, bold progressive policies that will actually keep our communities safe and healthy. We live in the richest region of the richest state of the richest country in one of the richest moments of our history. Our community deserves better!

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