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Jennifer nos representa a todos brindando soluciones creativas e ideas inovadoras.

Jennifer stands speaking with someone in a park

Mis experiencias como madre soltera que enfrentó un juicio hipotecario, una enfermera psiquiátrica, y como miembro de la junta sirviendo la red de seguridad de salud pública de nuestro condado, me han dado un fuerte sentido de las prioridades de nuestras comunidades:  vivienda, cuidado de salud, empleos y justicia.

Jennifer nos representa a todos brindando soluciones creativas e ideas inovadoras.

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Our community needs more funding for the development of housing that is actually affordable for working families, and for ensuring that any new housing development doesn’t fuel displacement of marginalized communities. I am a proponent of publicly-subsided and owned mixed-income development, along with rent increase limits and eviction protections for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County.


Finding meaningful and long-term solutions to our homelessness crisis must be a priority for anyone currently serving in elected office. Our unhoused neighbors deserve dignity, respect, and our commitment to getting them the services and housing they need to survive and thrive. That means not just providing them with a shelter bed but doing the hard work to build trust and connect people to mental health, healthcare, substance abuse, education, job training, long-term housing, and the many other services and support needed to not just get people off the street but keep people off the street.


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My local budget priorities include preventative healthcare and behavioral healthcare infrastructure and staff spending, housing people who are unhoused in permanent and supportive housing when necessary, and public safety spending that creates pathways for diversion away from carceral systems.


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I fight every day for the rights of all workers. There are over 2,000 unfilled county-level positions. That means our residents aren’t getting the support and service they need, and our dedicated public servants are stretched way too thin. As a Supervisor, I will fight to ensure county jobs provide fair pay, and that filling positions is a priority across Alameda County.


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I have seen firsthand the ways in which diminished funding for mental health care — along with inflated investments in jails and prisons — means that people who need psychiatric treatment are often incarcerated rather than provided with community-based outpatient care. In addition to being far more expensive, this has led to extended and unconstitutional stays in county jails for some of our most vulnerable residents. As a County Supervisor, I will advocate for shifting funds back into community-based care, to ensure our community has access to compassionate and high-quality mental health services.


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Representation for Unincorporated Communities:

As an Ashland resident and councilmember of the Eden Municipal Advisory Council, I understand the unique challenges our community faces without direct, elected representation at the local level and would be the first supervisor elected from an unincorporated community.


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