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It’s time to build all types of housing with urgency. We need more funding for the development of housing that is actually affordable for working families and that doesn’t fuel displacement of marginalized communities. We need supportive housing, deeply affordable housing, and mixed-income housing that helps create resilient communities where people of all ages and income levels coexist. We need housing that is transit dense and connected to community services, ideal for our ever-expanding, vibrant community.

Finding meaningful and long-term solutions to our homelessness crisis must be a priority. Our unhoused neighbors deserve dignity, respect, and our commitment to providing the services and housing they need to survive and thrive. That means not just providing them with a shelter bed, but doing the hard work to build trust and connect people to mental health, healthcare, substance abuse, education, job training, permanent housing, and support to not just get people off the street, but keep people off the street.


We need county wide tenant protections that ensure our affordable housing stock grows and people’s housing burden doesn’t increase with inflationary pressures. I support rent stabilization and eviction protections for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. 

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