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Alameda County Board of Supervisors Candidate Jennifer Esteen, RN Responds to Report on Renters

For Immediate Release

August 17, 2023

CONTACT: Lauren Wheeler,



Jennifer Esteen, RN responded to the recent joint report from My Eden Voice (MEV) and East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) regarding the conditions that affect renters in unincorporated Alameda County.

Her statement is below:

“For years, renters have advocated for effective tenant protections in the unincorporated area. Unfortunately, none have been voted into law.

“As an unincorporated resident and member of the Eden Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), I am very familiar with the struggles my neighbors face. More than 50% of unincorporated residents are renters, and our unincorporated community has the highest rates of poverty in the County. Homelessness is on the rise, with a 29% increase since 2017, significantly impacting children. Our children are 19% of students in Alameda County yet make up 34% of the homeless student population countywide.1 As the number of unhoused people in our County continues to rise dramatically, we have no time to waste.

“The recently released joint report from My Eden Voice (MEV) and East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) regarding the conditions that affect renters in unincorporated Alameda County (euphemistically called the Eden Area) is shocking but not surprising. The issues that these families endure in their rental homes — including rodent infestations, water damage, mold, and lead-based paint — would be considered unacceptable anywhere else. And yet, tenant protections that would improve the lives and health of these residents continue to be denied by policymakers at the County level.

“The needed policies include rent stabilization, just cause eviction protections, proactive rental inspections, and establishing a dedicated Rent Board to enforce existing law. These policies have all been drafted with significant community input and discussed with County elected officials. But those officials have repeatedly told renters and their advocates that property rights are equal to human rights, and current laws prioritize landlords’ income over tenant safety. This ultimately leads to no changes and no protections for renters, while rents continue to climb.

“That even in the face of this latest report, the County continues to drag its feet and not take action merely adds insult to injury. I call on the current Supervisors to pass these policies immediately to give our community the protections we deserve.”

1. Alameda County-Oakland Community Action Partnership Data Profile on the Unincorporated Areas of Alameda County


Paid for by Jennifer Esteen, RN for Supervisor 2024. FPPC # 1459876.

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