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District 4 Alameda County Board of Supervisor Candidate Jennifer Esteen, RN Receives Sole Endorsement from Safer California – Gun Safety Political Action Committee

Meda Release:

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 

Ashland, CA – Safer California – the first gun safety PAC in California not attached to a national organization, has endorsed in the Alameda County race for Supervisors. Jennifer Esteen received the PAC’s only endorsement in the District 4 race. 

“We endorse Jennifer Esteen, RN because she knows that public health includes strong gun safety policies and enforcement measures,” said Max Coston, Founder and CEO of Safer California PAC. “We trust her experience as a nurse, mom and healer to ensure smart gun safety measures are enacted in Alameda County.” 

Safer California’s mission is to identify, support, and elect gun safety candidates who will champion robust gun reforms from school boards to congress. They believe it’s time to support candidates who are representative of their communities and have their best interests in mind. They plan to support champions, like Esteen, because they know people like her have the best interests of their community in mind and believe gun safety saves lives.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by Safer California, for my steadfast support for gun safety in our homes, schools and the wider community,” said Esteen. “Ensuring strong gun safety policies will save lives and make our entire community safer.” 

Esteen looks to unseat Nate Miley who has led the County during its largest uptick in gun-related violence and crime. In fact, 48% of robberies and 40% of violent crimes recorded between 2010 and 2022 in Alameda County involved firearms. And 90% of all homicides recorded entailed guns.

“We need to find better solutions like Operation Ceasefire and gun buy-back programs as well as more robust safety programs. Public health includes strong gun safety policies with enforcement measures. I’ve seen mental health crises turn lethal because of easy access to a gun. In fact, studies show having a gun in the home triples the risk of suicide,” added Esteen.

Esteen’s commitment to finding solutions and challenging “business as usual” has also drawn the support and endorsement of San Francisco Supervisors Shamann Walton and Dean Preston. 

“As Supervisor, I have worked tirelessly in San Francisco to find meaningful solutions to gun violence, and we are seeing it work,” stated S.F. Supervisor Shamann Walton. “I am endorsing Jennifer, because I know as Supervisor, her dedication to fresh ideas and a focus on prevention and mental health will make a positive difference in public safety.”

Recently, Walton introduced a resolution to increase police foot patrols in hotspots, hire a violence prevention coordinator for each district, increase the city’s community ambassador program, provide mental health and trauma support, expand programs for youth, and install more security cameras.

Esteen stated “I look forward to working with Supervisors Walton and Preston to decrease the gun violence we are seeing in the East Bay and across our counties. I think many of the things Supervisor Walton is championing would also work extremely well in Alameda County.”

To interview Supervisor Walton, Safer California Founder Max Coston or Candidate Jennifer Esteen, RN – contact the campaign at


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