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Ebony: Tips for preserving your family's well-being from a mental health advocate who is on a...

During this unprecedented time, while we are being bombarded with images of tragedy, racism and an on-going pandemic, it’s quite common to feel distressed and hopeless. But how do you know when those feelings are signs of mental illness? According to Psychiatric Registered Nurse a former candidate for California Assembly, it is a crucial time to understand symptoms, assess your personal well-being and those closest to you.

As a healthcare professional, labor leader, and community activist, Esteen has spent years working in the mental health space. As a former candidate, she advocated for a well-funded health system that provides resources and access for all. She says it’s important to monitor emotions and behaviors that may lead to a decline in mental health. “People talk about taking care of yourself. But I think folks don't always have healthy ways of doing it,” explains Esteen.


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