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Jennifer Esteen Releases Gaza Ceasefire Statement

For Immediate Release

December 18, 2023


"I stand before you today in solidarity with my community. My community asked me to run for county supervisor because they trust me.

The community trusts me because of my experience and my power as a healer, as a nurse, as a mother and as a Black woman who is Jewish. Raising Black Jewish sons has been beautiful, and I live with daily fear that my babies may not come home if they are gunned down by state violence.

This is the same fear that people are experiencing all over the world and it's being funded by our tax dollars .. .I'm over it.

I stand for non-violence and restorative justice. I reject hate in all forms. We must choose to use our community's resources to create bridges, not walls, to heal, create peace and to ensure everyone has the ability to thrive.

The death and destruction in Gaza has torn at my heart for far too long. It was highlighted and worsened on October 7th, and has progressively gotten worse since then. Now is the time for a permanent ceasefire! Violence does not create peace, it never has, and it never will."

Jennifer Esteen, RN is running for District 4 Alameda County Supervisor. She is a psychiatric registered nurse and public health nurse as well as an advocate for the most vulnerable people in our community. She currently serves as a council member on the Eden Area Municipal Advisory Council and Vice President of the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees where she has oversight of the health system's $1.4 billion budget.

"I'm running for County Supervisor in order to create change, improvement and healing for our community - I know the days ahead need to be filled with a bright light that shines on injustice and brings solutions," stated Esteen. "My race for supervisor will be decided with the March 5th, 2024 ballot - at a critical time when our county needs to pivot from the 'status quo of business as usual' to a time where housing, jobs, safety and public health are finally prioritized and District 4 gets caring leadership that it trusts and deserves."

Jennifer has lived in the East Bay for 20 years and has lived in Ashland with her wife and children since 2015. For more on the campaign - visit For more information, contact the campaign team at


Paid for by Jennifer Esteen, RN for Supervisor 2024. FPPC # 1459876.


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