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Jennifer Esteen, RN Announces Run for Alameda County Board of Supervisors

Ashland, CA – Jennifer Esteen, RN announced today that she is entering the race to be the next Alameda County Supervisor for District 4, in 2024.

“We deserve to live in a county where all of us have housing we can afford, access to high-quality preventative healthcare when we need it, jobs that allow us to support ourselves and our families – and all of this in a county where we feel safe in the place we call home,” said Esteen. “I believe Alameda County can do a better job of fulfilling this promise for all of our residents.”

Esteen is a nurse, mom, and community activist. After being unemployed during the 2008 recession, losing her home to foreclosure, and surviving bankruptcy, she put herself through nursing school and began working as a nurse, first in the psychiatric emergency room, then in the community with people who have severe mental illness.

Esteen’s struggles drew her to public service to bring the values of caring for our community to work improving the ways our government implements real solutions that create housing, access to healthcare, jobs, and public safety. That is why she began serving as a member of the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees, managing the $1 billion budget of the county’s healthcare safety net, to help our most vulnerable residents. She also became a member of the Eden Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), working to serve the county’s unincorporated community.

“My work at the Alameda County Health System Board of Trustees and on the Eden MAC made clear to me the impact and responsibility our county-level government has to address these issues. It’s also become clear that we need new leaders and a fresh approach to honor these mandates. My years of experience as a nurse and community leader gives me the fresh perspective and expertise needed to tackle these issues as a County Supervisor,” Esteen stated. “I know that together, we can create an Alameda County that works for all of us — so we all have the housing, healthcare, jobs, and justice we deserve.”

Jennifer has lived in the East Bay for 20 years and has lived in Ashland with her wife and children since 2015.

For more information, see Jennifer Esteen’s website at



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