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Newly Elected Chair of the CA Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Endorses Jennifer Esteen, RN

For Immediate Release

June 1, 2023

CONTACT: Kristy Boer,, (937) 537-1955

Ashland, CA – Today, Jennifer Esteen, RN announced that she received the endorsement of Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, the Progressive Caucus Chair of the California Democratic Party. Iqbal-Zubair was recently elected Caucus Chair at the 2023 CA Democratic Party Convention held on May 26th-28th in Los Angeles.

“Jennifer is fearless and has been a partner with me in disrupting the power structure,” said Iqbal-Zubair. “She continues to break the mold of politics as usual. I’m proud to make one of my first actions as the newly elected Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party endorsing Jennifer Esteen, RN for Alameda County Supervisor.”

Iqbal-Zubair joins former Progressive Caucus Chair Amar Shergill and others in endorsing Esteen’s campaign.

“ As Chair of the Progressive Caucus, Fatima will lead the state party’s largest caucus. She sets the tone for progressives state wide. It’s a great honor to receive her endorsement.” said Esteen. “ It will take all of us working together challenging the status quo and delivering policy and results that help everyone and make real change that benefits our communities.”

Jennifer Esteen is a registered nurse, mother, and community leader serving as Vice President of the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees and a member of the Eden Municipal Advisory Council. She has spent her career delivering care to the most vulnerable, including working as a psychiatric nurse in the San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, where she saw firsthand the vicious cycle that people experience from diminished funding for mental health care. She is currently working with San Francisco residents who have severe mental illness, need supportive housing, ongoing treatment and help managing activities of daily living. Jennifer has lived in the East Bay for 20 years and has lived in Ashland with her wife and children since 2015.

For more information, see Jennifer Esteen’s website at


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