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PRNewswire: Thousands Gather to Disrupt Inequality in San Francisco

On Thursday, April 11, more than 2,000 San Francisco city workers, housing rights advocates, and gig workers are anticipated to march from San Francisco City Hall to the corporate headquarters of Uber. The "Disrupt Inequality" action focuses on the role of billion-dollar app-based tech giants like Uber and Lyft in the well-being and livelihood of San Francisco. Nearly half a dozen SF-based 'unicorns' are anticipated to go public this year, unleashing thousands of new millionaires in a city that already ranks among those with the highest rates of income inequality.

Residents are bracing for further destabilization of an already squeezed housing market and additional pressure on public services. City workers say that critical city departments and services are already understaffed and overwhelmed, yet Mayor London Breed and City Administrators are failing to bargain contracts that invest in services that residents rely on or that prevent the displacement of working families from San Francisco.


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