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District 4 Supervisor Nate Miley Votes to Remove Opponent and only Registered Nurse on Alameda Health System Board

For Immediate Release

December 19, 2023


Ashland, CA - Just a day after making a public Gaza ceasefire statement, registered psychiatric nurse Jennifer Esteen has been removed from her leadership position on the Alameda Health System Board. Esteen, a Black, Jewish, Lesbian running for District 4 Supervisor watched today as the County Board of Supervisors reappointed ALL the other appointees to the health system - each of which are middle-aged and male, including the person appointed to replace her. Supervisor Nate Miley, her opponent in the D4 race chose to not reappoint and Esteen was never officially notified by the Supervisors office.

“I understand my service has always been at the pleasure of the appointing authority, but the supervisor knows my voice is desperately needed and my work as Vice President of the Board was leading to major positive changes,” stated Esteen. “What feels even worse is that I am the youngest member of the board, still working full time as a public health nurse and psych nurse which affords me a diversity of opinion that is sorely needed and was often commended by my fellow trustees, staff and members of the public alike.”

The Alameda Health System has been serving our County for more than 150 years providing preventative and specialty care as well as serving as a teaching institution to generations of providers. They strive to be a haven for the most vulnerable among us; an advocate for equitable, compassionate and culturally sensitive care regardless of social and financial barriers. The Alameda Health System Board of Trustees is charged with the governance of Alameda Health System and has fiscal oversight of the system’s $1.4 billion budget.

“Culturally sensitive care starts from within, if young nursing professionals, Black, queer women are left out of the decision making spaces, namely the boardroom - how can a system ever work to fully support the healthcare of our most marginalized community members?” Esteen added.

Esteen has served for three years on the Board of Trustees taking up leadership roles from the very beginning as chair of the finance committee during her first year and as the board’s secretary treasurer then and in year two. This year she served as Vice President of the board. Other trustees and many executive staff leaders within AHS expected Jennifer to serve as the board’s president in 2024. They have expressed shock and surprise that she was not reappointed.

“Not being reappointed has come as quite a surprise. Throughout my tenure on the board Supervisor Miley expressed his trust and confidence in my service within AHS and on the Eden MAC. I am very proud of the work our board was able to accomplish over the last 3 years and honored that I was able to serve,” added Esteen

“In November I led our recent board retreat and was steering the system and community partners on a path to engage in equitable approaches to merge healthcare, homelessness services and our subsidiary boards. I have so much more work to do; I guess this means I’ll have to win so I can get to work on the county level writ large.” said Esteen.

Jennifer Esteen, RN is running for District 4 Alameda County Supervisor. She also currently serves as a council member on the Eden Area Municipal Advisory Council - after being appointed by the D4 Supervisor’s office. The race for this position will be decided with the March 5th, 2024 ballot.

Jennifer has lived in the East Bay for 20 years and has lived in Ashland with her wife and children since 2015. For more on the campaign - visit For more information, contact the campaign team at


Paid for by Jennifer Esteen, RN for Supervisor 2024. FPPC # 1459876.


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