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Jennifer is Committed to Tenant Protections for Alameda County

“Esteen, would shift the balance of power back to a more tenant-friendly majority”
— The Oaklandside, February 13, 2024.

Jennifer is a strong supporter of tenant’s rights and protections. She supports just cause for eviction protections, limits to rent increases and a rent registry. With our homeless population more than doubling from 4,000 to 10,000 since 2015, these policies are crucial to stabilizing our communities and keeping people in their homes.


Jennifer’s opponent, incumbent Nate Miley, did not support tenant protections when they were brought to the Board of Supervisors. Since then, we’ve seen a tsunami of evictions, clogging our legal system and putting more people on the streets.


It’s no surprise that Miley fails to support tenants. Over the years he’s taken over $130,000 from corporate landlords and their associations. Jennifer is committed to serving the people of the county, not corporate landlords and other monied interests. She does not take money from corporations or their associations, not one dime.


That’s why she is supported by the Oakland Tenants Union, ACCE Action, and the CA Democratic Renter’s Council.


Jennifer Esteen on the Need for Strong Tenant Protections for Alameda County

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